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In business matters, Miller Law represents clients in a wide variety of industries, including: design, fashion, furniture, technology, food and hospitality, entertainment, publishing, dentistry, medicine, law, engineering. But this list does not even begin to tell the story of Miller Law or its clients.  
The single commonality across clients is that, through their work, they aim to inspire.  They have vision, passion and imagination.  
The role of the law should be to foster those sparks of genius, advise on the non-creative aspects of the business and protect relationships, branding and other assets.


If you are a business looking to formalize, expand, hire, raise funds, or partner with others, Miller Law understands the needs of your business and is committed to your success. Miller Law is available to advise you in business formation, sale and dissolution, as well as other general matters, including employment law, financing, contract review and negotiation.

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Most freelancers are so focused and engaged in their work that they do not take the time to seek out legal advice, even when that advice could serve to assist or protect them.  All too often, freelancers contact Meredith when a problem has arisen but it is too late because they did not put the legal structures in place that could help them in the future.  For this reason, Miller Law works with freelancers to draft form contracts that they will use every day with clients. 

Miller Law has negotiated several severance agreements on behalf of several high-level executives.  Miller Law is also committed to protecting employees from overreaching non-competes, federal and state wage and hour violations, discrimination or any retaliatory action.  Miller Law has litigated these issues in state and federal court.


Miller Law understands the startup space from both the founder and the investor perspective.  Meredith has worked with startup founders to ensure that their interests are protected.  In forming the business and in early investment rounds, the attorney advising the startup is representing the business, not any of the founders’ individual interests.  For this reason, Meredith has worked with individual founders to give a “second look” to documents, with a particular eye to the individual’s interest.  This review has been described as a “gut check” and it provides an opportunity to have the documents carefully examined and explained.  On the flip side, Meredith has also represented angel investors and is familiar with the contracts used in early round financing.  Meredith reviews and advises in the investment process, including reviewing the legal paperwork, combing through capitalization tables and conducting due diligence.

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Meredith began her law career as a clerk at New York State's highest court.  Since then, Miller Law has successfully represented clients in wide range of appeals.  Meredith has over 20 years of experience prosecuting and defending appeals in state and federal courts.


Meredith is available to other attorneys to assist in researching, drafting or editing dispositive motions or appeals on a project basis. Her consulting provides thoroughly researched, persuasively drafted and cost-effective written advocacy that minimizes your workload and maximizes the value you offer your clients.

Since 2004, Meredith has collaborated with other attorneys on projects that span all areas of business, contract, employment and real estate law.  She has advised on high-profile cases that make front-page news as well as smaller matters that simply require careful attention

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